The “Franco Donatoni” International Meeting is accessible through a competition that can be attended by composers under the age of 35 from across the world, who send one or more pieces for instrumental groups between 5 and 12 performers.  An international panel ce important composers selects three of the compositions received, that are performed during the Rondò concert season.
A new composition is commissioned to the respective composers, which will be performed at a concert during the following season. The three composers are hosted in Milan for the entire rehearsal period. The performance of the three selected scores allows composers to know the musicians of the ensemble before the composition of the new piece begins, giving them the possibility of direct and personal contact with each of them during the work of the composition.  In every edition, commissioned offer combinations between every  instrumental  groups and diverse collaborations with directors or scenographers (in the case of musical theater) choreographers and dancers, singers and vocal groups. The project is biannual because it takes place over the time frame of two years.
Application: December of every other year

Fourth edition
Music for instrumental and vocal ensemble

The jury of the competition:
Claudio Ambrosini,  Frédéric Durieux,  Sandro Gorli,  Hanspeter Kyburz, Alessandro Solbiati

The three selected composers and the compositions performed by Divertimento Ensemble in Milan on April 20th, within the Rondò 2016 concert season.
Caterina Di Cecca, Oscuro Pintado
Andrés Gutiérrez Martínez, Io
Didier Rotella, Polychromies1

The three composers have then been commissioned a new composition for instrumental and vocal ensemble that has been performed during the 2017 Rondò season by Divertimento Ensemble and Neue Vocalsolisten (May 3rd).

The three compositions performed in Rondò 2017:
Didier Rotella D’un Soleil Arachnide for voices and ensemble (2017)
Caterina Di Cecca Another part of the heath. Storm still. for voices and ensemble (2017)
Andrés Gutiérrez Martínez En un Laberinto for voices and ensemble (2017)

“Franco Donatoni” International Meeting for Young Composers are realized thanks to the project
SIAE – Classici di Oggi”






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