Born in Milan, Laganà  studied at the Conservatory of Milan, where he is now an instructor in music theory and analysis, and keyboard history. He plays piano and harpsichord and also composes. He studied composition with Franco Donatoni, harpsichord with Kenneth Gilbert, and piano with Laura Alvini. Laganà  plays dual roles as performer and composer, and has won numerous international competitions, including two Concorsi Rai in 1981 and 1985, the Premio Guggenheim Venice-NewYork in 1982, the Premio Toscanini di Parma in 1995, and harpsichord competitions of Rome, Bologna, Paris and many others.

His compositions, published by the music house Suvini Zerboni, have been performed at all the major contemporary music festivals all over the world. Two of his lyric operas were performed at the Piccola Scala and at the Piccolo Teatro in Milano, as well as broadcast on RAI 3.
He’s performed and recorded more than 600 solo and collaborative concerts and recordings on both harpsichord and piano, in Italy and around the world. He’s also performed duets with artists like Pavel Vernikov, Kenneth Gilbert, Laura Alvini, Mariolina De Robertis, Lella Costa, Ugo Pagliai, and Ottavia Piccolo.
He’s had many new works and compositions dedicated to him, and has performed numerous world premieres, including songs for harpsichord and electronics for a concert with the Quartet Society of Milan, which was broadcast in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Langanà  recorded Mozart’s unpublished works in a two-CD set that sold 60,000 copies, and recently recorded another double CD special called “Amadeus’s Follies, Extravagances, and Eccentricities,” for piano and harpsichord, which garnered rave reviews.